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1-FOR-1 FREE Facial Promo ~ Diamond Peel Facial at S$38 (UP$128) with FREE Eye Treatment!!!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Radio Frequency Face Lift Therapy 电波拉皮除皱

电波拉皮除皱称王 <先进科技-十大优质>

A lasting regenerating therapy that erases traces of ageing and promotes a healthier body.

Radio Frequency Therapy is a revolutionary face lifting technique that effectively stimulates and tightens collagen fibres from deep within the skin. It is also used to combats stubborn fatty deposits by increasing the metabolism rate within the adipocyte cells (fat cells), assist in lightening of stretch marks through the increase of cellular activity and as well as detoxification through stimulation of the body lymphatic drainage system.

Effect for Face:
Radio Frequency will stimulate the dermis layer where collagen and elastin are found and it cause heat to the area which will then constrict the collagen fibers and tighten the contour.This treatment is especially good for anti-aging, wrinkled skin, lifting, open pore, sagging skin, lack of collagen and elastin skin etc.

Effect for Body:
Radio Frequency penetrate to fats cell and liquefy triglyceridesto free fatty acids and are eliminate through the broken cells into intestinal system then to the liver where they are eiminate through physiologic metabolic pathway and at the same time heat from RF will also tighten collagen fibers which will firm and tone up the body.

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