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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lipstick that brings on a shimmering glow. Silky, smooth and shining colors. Moisturizes with its light touch. Natural and luxurious colors.

Atomy Lip Color

Lipstick that brings on a shimmering glow. 
Silky, smooth and shining colors. Moisturizes with its light touch. Natural and luxurious colors. 

Kolmar Korea
Sealed container in room temperature (1~30C)
Indicated on the product
Apply on lips within your lip line

Introducing our colors
Sheer Color[423]
Extremely light textured, sheer, translucent & shiny.
Coral Beige[401]Light BrownA brown-beige shade that’s perfect for an Asian complexion. Perfect for any age.
Cotton Pink[401]Light PinkFeeling romantic?
A luscious color to bring out the feminine you.
Sheer Tangerine[401]Bright and Soft OrangeFashionable and trendy. Light and radiant.
Vivid Color[453]
Brings out vivid and distinguished colors with just one stroke.
Royal Violet [431]Dark VioletA trendy color for the Fall/Winter season
Ruby Red [441]Bright and Sharp RedThe most distinguished color in this collection. A must-have for every woman.
Rose Pink[451]Medium PinkColor highly recommended by Atomy. Fabulous and natural looking.

* Click on the color to get a detailed description.
* Shades may vary depending on your monitor screens. 

Glossy and Radiant: for luxurious, perfect lips
Glossy Secret for radiant glow!
Natural oil added for maximum shimmer.
Ideal solution for your delicate lips
Natural Formula Solution for healthy lips 5 Ingredients not included: No animal fat -No Talc -No Benzophenone -No Paraben -No industrial surfactant
Prolonged effect Prevents bleeding
Long Lasting Fuller looking lips with Gel Networking system

Gel Network system makes your lips stay silky smooth while keeping its color.
No stick or feeling of heaviness.
Gives consistent radiant glow.

Express your smooth lips. Moisturize and remain luscious .
Multi Peptide Complex Peptide synthesis provides lip volume and moisture for fuller lip care.

- Peptide provides elasticity to your lips and ample moisture.
- Distinguished and attractive lips.
* Note: Pertains to characteristics of ingredient only 

Includes healthy ingredients for hydrated and healthy lips.
Olive Oil/vitamin E Acetate Olive oil and vitamins added to provide nutrition and elasticity.
Healthy care for your lips.
Abundant in unsaturated fatty acids for nutrition and moisture .
Aids in softening and continuous hydration.

Vitamin E derivative.
Protects and cares for your skin.
Excellent moisturizing effect.

Note: Only pertains to characteristics of ingredients

Double-Step-Locking system applied for vivid color and long wearing properties
Mega Coloring Peptide synthesis provides lip volume and moisture for fuller lip care.

One-step-locking - Additional coating to create vivid color. (Vivid Color Capture System)
Two-step-locking - Smooth application (Optimizer Dispersion System)

HQ 3 System (High Quality System)
Color + Moisture + Long Lasting - Vegetable emollient included for maximum hydration.
-Creates protection for lips without stickiness.
- Protection from drying and cracking.
- Smooth application for sensitive lips.
- Luscious, glowing lips with one application. 

Difference between your lips and other parts of your skin
Stratum corneum, outermost layer of the epidermis, of lips is thin and contains less naturally derived moisturizing factor and has a higher risk of water loss. No hair, exocrine cells nor sebaceous (closed sac under skin) on lips make it more susceptible for stress than other parts of the skin.
General skinLips
Stratum corneum
Stratum corneum
Basal layer
Basal layer
Less water loss
More water loss

Pick the right lipstick for my skin
1. Orange or Coral for medium type skin 
  · Orange is in this year.
  · Light peach/pink or pastel is recommended.
  · Brightens your expression.

2. Cotton Pink or Rose Pink for tanned skin 
  · For the natural look, choose rosy/apricot shade.
  · Pick colors with pearl to brighten your face.
  · Avoid strong colors like hot pink or orange (gives strong contrast making your face look dull).

3. Any color works for fair skin 
  · Safe to apply all shades.
  · For a sensual look, use pink.
  · Pink is excellent for Asian skin
*Note:  May vary according to individual’s taste

Instructions for best lipstick application

Tips for exquisite lips 

1. Balancing your lips and eye makeup 
  · Consider the balance between your eye makeup and your lipstick color.
  · When wearing dark eye makeup, consider a lighter lipstick color and vice versa.

2. Use lip brush 
  · For medium colors, or with pearls, apply lipstick directly on lips. Use lip brush for darker colors or brighter colors to bring out the distinctive you.
  · To avoid bleeding and for the natural look, use lip liner after applying lipstick for perfect lips.

3. Clean lips 
  · Make sure your lips are clean and soft before application.
  · If your lips are cracked or dry, apply toner to make them moist and soft. Use lip balm or eye cream to moisturize.
*Note:  Results may vary according to individuals 

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