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1-FOR-1 FREE Facial Promo ~ Diamond Peel Facial at S$38 (UP$128) with FREE Eye Treatment!!!
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Natural substances extracted from various herbs keep the scalp, hair and body healthy, moisture-and-nutrition-balanced, and glossy.

Hair & Body

Oriental Herbal Treatment line for hair and body :

Natural substances extracted from various herbs keep the scalp, hair and body healthy, moisture-and-nutrition-balanced, and glossy.

 Herbal Shampoo [500ml]

Hair Cleanliness-Waste removal / hair texture adjustment / maintenance of hair health

Atomy Saengmodan manages various elements blocking the scalp and pores that induces hair cleanliness. It cares for damaged hair texture in order to maintain elastic hair. In addition, it keeps hair clean with avocado and aloe vera plant-based ingredients and removes wastes and contaminants.

Scalp cleanliness: removes wastes and contaminants with herbal ingredients such as Asparagus cochinchinensis, Eclipta prostrate, and Chrysanthemum zawadski var. latilobum
Trouble care: cares scalp troubles with Angelica dahurica Bentham et Hooker and tricholoroacid contents
Hair texture adjustment : protects damaged hair texture with various effective ingredients such as Pleuropterus multflorus, Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz bark, and Swertia pseudo-chinensis
Scalp health : Atomy Saengmodan makes the scalp healthy
After pumping sufficient amount on the palm, massage the scalp softly for 1-2 minutes. Massage by pushing and pulling softly from left to right and up and down. This promotes scalp circulation by repetition. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

 Herbal Treatment Hair Pack [200ml]

Dryness prevention / moisture balance maintenance / hair splitting prevention / hair cuticle care

Atomy herbal hair pack is developed for those who struggle with rough hair, split ends, and easily damaged hair. It helps resolve hair trouble with softness. This is an herbal treatment hair pack with ingredients such as Chrysanthemum zawadski var. latilobum, swertia pseudo-chinenses, and Angelica dahurica Bentham et Hooker. It also helps split ends to become smoother.

Outstanding glossiness and elasticity to hair keeps hair healthy with walnut, aloe and jojoba contents
Protection from harmful elements : protection of hair texture from harmful elements with anti-oxidation function of herbal ingredients such as Morus alba L root bark, Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz bark, and Pleuropterus multflorus
Hair care : cares split-ends and supplies nourishment with herbal ingredients of Atomy Saengmodan to maintain smooth and elastic hair 
After shampooing, apply this product to wet hair evenly and massage in, leave it in for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse away thoroughly.
Patent No. 10-0778903 

 Body Cleanser [500ml]

Nourishment of organic herbs and oriental medicine ingredients/ Rich moisturizing power/ high cleansing effect/ healthy skin care

This Atomy Body Cleanser gives a fresh feel like a spring rain to the body and enhances the cleansing effect. It enhances clear and fresh feelings with nourishment and mild feeling using organic herbs and oriental medicine ingredients. Fresh organic herbs-6 (lavender, rosemary, chamomile, Centella asiatica, funnel, Houttuynia cordata Thunberg), red ginseng, Paeonia lactiflora, and Angelica gigas Nakai makes the hair healthy and glossy.

Rich moisturizing power : rich moisturizing power of ingredients derived from plant-based oils and organic herbal ingredients
High cleansing effect : removes wastes and sebum to grant cleansing effect
Healthy skin care : fresh organic herb-6 and oriental medicine ingredients provide nourishment to the body and cares roughened troubles to make the skin healthy
Apply adequate amount of this product on a wet sponge or shower towel, softly make foams, cleanse the body with it and thoroughly rinse with warm water.

 Hair Treatment Liquid [200ml]

Daily liquid treatment to keep scalp clean / Helps remove waste within pores / Balanced treatment to maintain healthy hair Sanitary aids

Atomy herbal hair tonic contains dexpanthenol, salicylic acid. In addition, 9 types of natural herbal ingredients such as Angelica dahunica Bentham et Hooker, Cnidium officinale, Asparagus cochinchinensis, Swertia pseudo-chinensis, Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz bark, Morus alba L root bark, Eclipta prostrate, Chrysanthemum zawadski var. latilobum, and Pleuropterus multflorus extracts are contained.

Dexpanthenol, salicylic acid, and menthol ingredient provides care for the scalp
Shake this product sufficiently, apply to scalp evenly every day, and massage in with fingers so that it can be sufficiently absorbed.

 Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner [500ml]

For Hair with Perm or Color-related Damage

Makes hair ultra soft and shiny by enriching and moisturizing it from the inside out. Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner also treats hair with a specialized silicon compound that coats the hair, giving it a sprightly bounce and reducing static electricity.

After using Atomy Herbal Shampoo, squeeze out excess water from the hair. Apply Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner evenly and thoroughly into from the roots to the ends of the hair.
Rinse off with warm water.

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